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With over 10 years of experience in cutting-edge carpet cleaning, King’s Cleaning Solutions is well-positioned to offer you the top carpet cleaning offerings in Logansport Indiana.  In other words, we have proven time and time again that we are the best carpet cleaners in Logansport IN.

Why Logansport IN Business Owners and Homeowners Trust King’s Cleaning Solutions

If you browse the Internet for Logansport IN carpet cleaners, who knows what you will find! When you encounter King’s Cleaning Solutions, it is possible to trust in our carpet cleaning company experience and our expertise.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Carpet Cleaning

What technique will you use to clean?

The technique used for cleaning involves hot water extraction, typically called steam cleaning. King’s Cleaning Solution’s patented hot water removal method extracts the deepest, toughest dirt gently and safely. Hot water, as well as a specially-designed cleaning solution, is injected deep inside your carpet fibers. Next, a powerful suction from the team’s truck-mounted equipment removes allergens, deep-down dirt, cleaning solution as well as 95 percent of the moisture. It is the cleaning technique most suggested by carpet makers.

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What is considered an area?

Usually, an area involves a room that’s up to 300 sq. ft. (15 x 20 or roughly the size of a 2-car garage). Dining/living room combinations are considered 2 areas. All areas over 300 sq. ft. but under 600 sq. ft. are priced as 2 areas. All non-standard areas (halls, baths, entryways, landings, walk-in-closets, etc.) are separately priced from standard areas, generally at a lesser price. Our team will measure all areas they believe might be oversized before they charge it as 2 areas.

How long is it going to take to clean the carpets?

Usually, it’ll take around 20 minutes/room. That time may greatly vary depending upon the amount of furnishings to be moved, how soiled your carpet is, and all necessary spot extraction treatments.

Will you move my furniture?

There isn’t any charge to move your furniture. Our team is trained to move, or “shift” your furnishings then return them to their rightful place once cleaning is done. There are many items we don’t move because of safety reasons like electronics, pianos, waterbeds, china cabinets, dressers with mirrors, some large beds, etc. We ask that you remove items off your furniture such as lamps, plants, and doodads before arriving. The care of your belongings is our top priority. We do not want things to tip over or fall off of the furniture we’re moving. We understand that homes contain a lot of family heirlooms needing handling and tender loving care so we ask that you place them in a safe area while we clean.

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How long is it going to take for my carpeting to dry?

Drying time is affected by temperature, humidity, and airflow to the space. It might take anywhere from 8 to 24 hours for your carpeting to dry completely, depending upon the aforementioned factors. Utilizing fans in any room that is cleaned and, depending on the season, turning on your heating or air conditioning system, will help to accelerate dry time. Make certain that you leave the protective blocks beneath the legs of the furniture and all paper used with upholstered things in position until the carpet is 100% dry to avoid the transfer of colors. You may walk on the carpet after we clean; however, avoid wearing shoes that you wore outdoors because they might re-soil the carpeting. King’s Cleaning Solutions recommends that you wear clean rubber-soled shoes. Be cautious while walking from carpeted, damp spaces toward non-carpeted regions to avoid slipping.

Will you guarantee extraction of all stains or spots in my carpet?

We can’t guarantee that we’ll extract all stains or spots. There are some substances that may permanently discolor the fibers of the carpet. The type of carpet fibers and age of the carpet also plays a variable in this. The carpet technician will attempt to determine if that’s the case before cleaning but they don’t always have the ability to determine that before they try to extract the stains.

Why do King’s Cleaning Solution’s prices vary from other Logansport IN carpet cleaners?

While comparing prices, be sure that you ask lots of questions and bear some things in mind. Our price involves treating for spots, pre-vacuuming, shifting (moving) furniture, as well as a 10-day satisfaction policy. There aren’t any additional charges or hidden fees. Also, King’s Cleaning Solution never sub-contracts, so our carpet cleaning technicians are always drug tested, background checked, and professionally trained employees. We make a big investment into the training of our technicians and the cleaning equipment used to service your home.

How will you guarantee client satisfaction?

We’re glad to work with you to fix any situation that might arise. In some instances, this may mean spot cleaning certain spaces of concern or even fully re-cleaning the space in question. In the end, we aren’t satisfied until you’re satisfied.

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