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King’s Cleaning Solutions is the Westfield IN leader in expert sanitation and deep steam cleaning of carpets. We are the professionals to get in touch with for residential carpet cleaning or commercial carpet cleaning service day or night.

Why Choose King’s Cleaning Solutions?

King’s Cleaning Solutions is one of the best and largest Westfield IN cleaning contractors. We’ve gained our professionalism through ongoing IICRC Certified training and concentrate our business on generating exceptional customer service. Our team always aims for the highest quality of service for our clients.

  • Emergency Service 24/7
  • Senior IICRC Certified Carpet Technician
  • Bonded and Insured
  • Fast Drying System
  • Non-toxic chemicals
  • No Bait and Switch
  • No Hidden Costs
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How To Choose An Expert Carpet Cleaning Service

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Excellent References - Our carpet cleaning company is considered among the most dependable carpet cleaning services in Westfield, IN. We’re frequently referred by a list of the most seasoned pros in the industry of carpeting. All references are available if requested.

Educated - The majority of carpet cleaning professionals don’t invest in the education needed to progress in their field. We routinely attend certification classes, educational courses, seminars, as well as study trade publications associated with our work. Our carpet cleaners use and know the current technology and systems of our industry.

Systems Used - At King’s Cleaning Solutions, we use proven cleaning methods and equipment approved by carpet makers. Our vacuums will leave your carpeting ‘standing tall’ again and dry quickly.

Products - Our team only stocks the top products from quality manufacturers. Our team’s products are safe and effective. 

Pride - Never choose a carpet cleaner based upon just the cheapest cost - you’re likely also selecting the cheapest outcome. Our high-quality cleanings by skilled professionals will extend the life of your carpeting and save you money over time.

Guarantee - Once you’ve had a dishonest, unconcerned, uneducated carpet cleaning technician inside your home, the most difficult part is getting them to return to correct the issues they’ve left behind. Our carpet cleaning company provides a client satisfaction guarantee. We don’t want to leave any person in  Westfield IN feeling as if they paid for a service they didn’t get.

Referral Rewards - Our team wants to reward you for sending new clients to us through referrals. Keep in mind that we guarantee the work we do so you can feel at ease referring your friends, family, clients, neighbors, and co-workers to our service-minded, high-quality company.

Caring For Your Carpeting

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Warranties - One copy of the carpet warranties ought to be available from the retail professional in which you bought your carpet or from a home builder. A stain-resistant warranty ranges from 5 - 20 years. All carpet warranties require professional, regular cleanings and instant spot removal.

Vacuuming - Vacuum your carpet frequently. It will remove damaging dirt which sets deep down into the carpet, causing premature wear and cutting the fibers. One great rule of thumb includes vacuuming one time per week for each person who lives in the house and always before dirt on your carpet becomes visible.

Professional Cleaning - A thorough cleaning ought to be conducted by a certified, professional cleaner

one time a year. Heavy traffic spaces are going to require more cleaning and must be cleaned more frequently. Expert cleaning extracts soil and stains that spot treating and vacuuming haven’t had the ability to remove. Backed with 10 years of expertise, be picky when selecting a carpet cleaner- uneducated carpet cleaners might strip the stain resistor and leave behind a sticky residue.

Spot Removal - Immediately removing spills and spots is necessary to maintain a clean carpet. All bits and pieces must first be removed. All excessive liquid must be soaked up using a white towel. A lot of care should be taken while removing spots so as not to destroy your carpet. When your carpet is new (the first two years) it still has an abundance of protectants on it and a lot of spots may be removed just using water. All additional spots must be removed using a spot cleaner specifically designed for use on carpeting.

Protectants - Residential carpeting is treated using soil and stain resistors during the process of manufacturing to protect carpeting. After two or three years, the majority of the protectants wear off within high traffic spaces. It then should be re-applied by a professional carpet cleaner after a cleaning to extend the ‘cleanability’ and life of your carpet. 

Frequently Asked Questions of King’s Cleaning Solutions

Are King’s Cleaning Solution’s cleaning products safe?

Absolutely! King’s Cleaning Solution’s products are certified safe and non-toxic for pets, children, and your family members.

Will you fully eliminate any stain or spot?

We can’t guarantee that we’ll remove all stains and/or spots. But we can guarantee to fully sanitize it. Our team still assures you that we’ll do our very best to treat and attempt to extract stubborn statins and/or spots. There are components that may permanently discolor the fibers of your carpet. Type of fiber and carpet age also play a part in the cleaning result. Our highly experienced techs are well trained and will attempt to figure out the probabilities of stubborn stains and/or permanent spots removal before they clean.

Does your company possess any certifications?

We’re certified with the IICRC, also known as the Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification, which is an important affiliate in the restoration, cleaning, and inspection industries. To accomplish IICRC-certified status, companies have to meet a stringent list of standards in business expertise and ethics. Through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, we’re trained-certified, as well as a certified company.

What type of products/chemicals do your use for carpet cleaning?

We just use non-toxic, eco-friendly chemicals.

Are King’s Cleaning Solutions Insured?

King’s Cleaning Solution has full coverage for all damages to offices or homes that occur while we are cleaning.

Does King’s Cleaning Solutions guarantee high-quality service?

Our IICRC-Certified crew member will inspect our carpet cleaning work before we leave your residence or place of business. Please call us immediately after noticing any problems with your carpet cleaning service at (765) 698-5096.

King’s Cleaning Solution has full coverage if damage to offices or homes were to occur while cleaning.

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