Carpet Dyeing in Kokomo, IN

Carpets greatly enhance the appeal of your room and home but can easily get stained or discolored due to daily use. If your expensive carpet is discolored, faded or stained, you don’t have to worry as carpet dyeing can easily help restore it to its full glory. Dyeing is one of the best and most economical ways to restore the carpet.

Why Choose Carpet Dyeing?

Before and after photos of soiled and faded carpet in large open room that has been dyed to look new

All types of carpets tend to develop problems. Even though regular cleaning can help remove food and pet stains, it may not be able to address the issue of fading. Most homeowners think that they need to get the carpets replaced, as this seems the only good solution. Replacing carpets can be expensive and can be easily avoided if you choose to do a quick dye job.

Dyeing can make the carpet look new by restoring, preserving and protecting the color and natural beauty of the carpet. If you are not satisfied with the existing colors you can also choose to get a completely new color scheme. Depending on the condition and grade of the carpet you will be able to save a lot of money if you opt for dyeing.

What Are the Different Carpet Dyeing Concepts?

The professional dyeing experts don’t just cover the imperfections but use unique techniques and skills that make the dyeing process appear natural and seamless.

  • Spot Control – Bleach that is caused due to sun fade or spills has a pinkish hue. If you want to gain the original color of the fabric you need to ensure that the stain is offset by a counteracting color. The technician requires specific knowledge and training to complete the task.
  • Re-Coloring – Re-coloring can be tricky and you need to understand that you can’t tint a lighter color and you only need to go darker. For instance, if the original color of the carpet is yellow and you want to shade it brown, you need to use dyes of an opposite shade.

Certified technicians always use dyeing products that are safe for the children, elderly, pets and the environment. The dyes stick to the fabrics in such a way that they cannot be vacuumed or rubbed off easily. This enables the dyes to last a long time.

One of the important things that you need to remember is that carpet dyeing is an art and needs extensive training and practice to master it. It is advisable to choose a certified carpet dyeing technician so that they can make the carpet look as good as new.

Image credits Dye Training