Kokomo, IN

Kokomo, IN

Old rusty broken down car in overgrown weeds

King's Cleaning Solutions is honored to be the preferred carpet, tile & grout, and air duct cleaning company in the area of Kokomo IN. It’s Indiana's 13th largest city. At the 2000 census, the population was 46,113, and at the 2010 census, it was 45,468. On January 1st, 2012 the town was successfully annexed on the west and south sides of the city, which includes Alto and Indian Heights, that increased the population of the city to almost 57,000 people.

Kokomo Opalescent Glass

If you want a unique experience in Indiana, search no further than the city of Kokomo. Your first stop ought to be to tour Kokomo Opalescent Glass, the oldest art glass company in America. A chemist from NY, Charles Henry, launched Kokomo Opalescent Glass during the 1880’s gas boom. The glass was awarded a Gold Medal in the World’s Fair inside Paris and it has thrived ever since that time.

These days it’s possible to see the process of glass-making by taking a tour of the factory. Inside a room in which a furnace is 2600°, ladlers will scoop molten glass then blend it to the precise texture and color. Then, it must be kneaded, placed on rollers so it can be cooled, flattened, and cut. Sounds simple, right? It is a very masterful procedure. One that should be witnessed in person. On Mon. - Fri. at 10 a.m., public tours are available. In addition, there are glass blowing demos and an abundance of unique glass souvenirs.

Map of Kokomo, IN with pins on We Care Park, Seiberling Mansion, Elwood Haynes Museum, and Jackson Marrow Park.

Seiberling Mansion

In 1891, the breathtaking mansion was constructed for Monroe Seiberling, a gas boom industrialist. Over a period of time it was a university, a residence, and currently, it hosts Howard County’s Historical Museum. This Victorian mansion contains a 3rd-floor ballroom, windows of stained glass, hand-carved woodwork, as well as a variety of Howard county history exhibits, which includes Kokomo’s robust automotive heritage.

The Haynes Museum includes a museum inside the mansion that is owned by the previous resident of Kokomo. Elwood Haynes was an inventor who was credited with being the original person to commercially generate vehicles in 1894. In the museum, it’s possible to view a 1905 Haynes vehicle and exhibits recording his life.

The Original Treasure Mart is the place for you if treasures are what you’re looking for. With 4 floors of vintage items and antiques, it is a one-stop shopper’s experience.

Kokomo Toys and Collectibles

If you happen to prefer a variety of shops, take a trip to Kokomo’s Downtown District. There are multiple local boutiques and stores, yet there is one street the locals refer to as “Geek Street”. It is the place to check out if you are feeling a little nostalgic. The merchandise from Kokomo Toys and Collectibles’ varies from collectors’ items to rare prototypes to things your kids and grandkids might enjoy. If it is vintage you’re after, stop at antique shop Studio Black. American Dream Hi-Fi is your go-to place if you enjoy vinyl. If you are into Batgirl, Batman, or additional comic characters, Comics Cubed has an excellent choice of paperbacks, back issues, as well as new releases.

Geek Street

Consider a visit to Kokomo, whether you are a historian, art lover, car buff, or simply a Hoosier curious about exploring.

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