Upholstery Cleaning

King’s Cleaning Solutions is IICRC certified within upholstery cleaning and has been recognized as one of the most experienced and educated upholstery care businesses in Indiana. Upon a full inspection, our certified technicians determine the right cleaning process for your unique needs.

From light cleaning to heavily soiled cleaning, our 12-step process for cleaning is made to restore your upholstery as close to its initial shape as possible. We’re able to clean all kinds of upholstery, even the gentlest of fabrics.

Process for Upholstery Cleaning

Pre-Inspection: Our technician is going to conduct unique tests to decide the content of the fabric. The content is going to determine which kind of cleaning techniques and solutions are going to be used. We also will point out any possible permanent stains or concerning areas.

Area Preparation: We’ll prepare the space in which the upholstery is going to be cleaned to guard all surrounding furnishings.

Pre-Vacuum: All textiles must be thoroughly vacuumed prior to cleaning. This measure will extract dry soils and all loose particles from crevices and cracks.

Pre-Treat: Depending upon the fabric, a unique solution made for your type of fabric and soiling condition is going to be applied in order to “emulsify” the soil.

Pre-Spot: All possibly challenging spots are pre-treated using unique solutions to boost opportunities at removing.

Pre-Groom: The fabric then is delicately groomed with gentle upholstery brushes in order to loosen the soil.

Soil Rinse and Extraction: Next, the soil is removed from the fabric using a controlled, gentle rinse.

Neutralize: Then, the fabric is pH balanced to sustain its fresh, soft feel.

Post Spot: All the rest of the spots are treated using unique stain extraction products.

Post Groom: The upholstery then is prepared for drying using a delicate fabric combing.

Speed Dry: High-velocity air movers are placed onto the upholstery in order to speed dry fabric.

Post-Cleaning Inspection: Our technicians assess the cleaning results along with you to make sure your expectations have been exceeded or met.

Make your visitors feel valued and welcome by having upholstery that is well cared for. Utilizing specially-designed methods, equipment, and products, the upholstery professionals at King’s Cleaning Solutions assist in restoring your upholstered furniture’s beauty. Additionally, extracting allergens and dust from fabric panels, office partitions, chairs, sofas and additional upholstered items may lead to a healthier environment for all involved. We extract those hard-to-see contaminants which exist in upholstery, like oils, dead skin cells, and dust which only can be extracted with a professional, thorough cleaning.Here is why you’re able to trust King’s Cleaning Solutions to do a better job:

  • We are more knowledgeable - Getting your maintenance staff to deal with the task may result in incorrect cleaning which leads to discoloration, color bleeding, or shrinkage
  • We are experienced in upholstery which is available in all varieties of blends, textures, and fabrics
  • Our professionals take the guesswork out and choose the best method of cleaning

Our techniques are safe for all types of fabrics and upholstery and may help:

  • Remove spots and stains already in existence
  • Decrease the effects of wear upon furniture
  • Protect your investment and extend the life of your upholstery
  • Get rid of persistent smells

No matter what your requirements, schedule, or budget are, we will design a strategy that fits your needs.

Upholstery FAQ

Why should you get your upholstered furniture cleaned?

Having your upholstered furniture cleaned professionally will remove spots, eliminate odors, and assists in extending your furniture’s life.

How long will it take to get your upholstered furniture cleaned professionally?

Overall cleaning time will depend on the process of cleaning used and amount of time necessary for your upholstery to dry. Your technician will provide you an estimated time for cleaning before service.

Will an expert upholstery cleaning be disruptive to your family?

The crew at King’s Cleaning Solutions works to schedule a time that id convenient for you. The technician informs you of estimated times for drying.

How often will you have to get your upholstered furniture cleaned professionally?

Typically, furniture manufacturers suggest having upholstered pieces cleaned professionally each 12 - 24 months.

When will you have the ability to use your furniture after a cleaning?

Depending upon the method of cleaning used, drying times differ. The average time for drying is anywhere from one to six hours.

Do you need to do anything before the technician arrives to your scheduled cleaning?

Pick items up on top of all upholstery that will be cleaned like blankets, reading material, toys, etc.

For more details on upholstery cleaning contact King’s Cleaning Solutions at (765) 698-5096 or email jonathan@kingscleaningsolutions.com.