Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning in Kokomo, IN

As it’ll come to area rugs, do not settle for anything less than expert rug cleaning. Yes, it might be tempting to deal with the problem on your own; however, that plan might backfire. And why? Because area rugs will require a delicate yet, effective cleaning approach. King’s Cleaning Solutions is an expert rug cleaning provider with trained technicians who understand how to deal with the gentle fibers inside your rug.

Floral patterned rug in blue and off-white, half cleaned to show the before and after

Too many people, unfortunately, try to clean their own rugs. Oftentimes, do-it-yourselfers damage their rugs because they either scrub too hard or because they utilize the incorrect cleaning utensils and solutions. Your rugs are much too special—and oftentimes too costly—to take this risk.

Let the Kokomo, IN Experts Clean Your Fine Area Rugs

At King’s Cleaning Solutions, we understand that all area rug cleaning situations are unique. That is why we initially perform a complete analysis of your rugs, taking note of any high-traffic, heavily-soiled areas which might require special attention. We need to determine what cleaning solutions are better for your particular carpeting then blend it using our cutting-edge equipment to accomplish optimal results. We utilize the exact same hot-water removal technique on area rugs we use on all of our carpet cleaning services. It is delicate, yet very effective, and it’ll renew your area rugs’ beauty.

From everyday mud blockers to expensive heirlooms, the expert rug cleaners at King’s Cleaning Solutions understand what is better for your area rugs. We train the people. We manufacture the equipment. We deliver on-time, exceptional service you’re able to trust. After a decade in the industry of carpet cleaning, there isn’t any reason to risk your rug cleaning with anybody else. You certainly do not want to try this highly specialized project on your own.

And best of all, we will take on the project as you relax. Say goodbye to ground-in dirt, spills, and spots. As your expert rug cleaning is done, your area rugs are going to appear like new.

Fine area rugs will add an elegant touch to your office or home decor. Whether they’re handmade from an ancient land, or made with the finest man-made materials from local craftsmen, the one-of-a-kind art works may last generations and become family heirlooms.

We provide a gentle, yet thorough process of cleaning:

  • Detailing and Grooming
  • Post Wash/Wringer Inspection
  • Gentle rinsing
  • Wash process
  • Pre-conditioning
  • Color fast testing
  • Dry soil removal
  • Unique tagging
  • Pre-cleaning inspection

Fine area rugs ought to be cleaned professionally every 2 – 4 years to preserve their beauty and value. If the rugs need professional repair or cleaning, call us for an estimate.