Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning Kokomo, IN

Porcelain and ceramic tiles comprise most of the tile flooring we see. Those tiles are made in a plethora of styles, sheens, textures, and colors. They may be a simplistic single shade or made to appear like natural stones such as limestone, travertine, slate, or marble.

This kind of tile is a great option for most individuals. These tiles are very durable and almost impossible to stain.

The weak link to a porcelain or ceramic tile is its grout. The grout which is supposed to bond the tiles together to protect the surface under the tile and protect the tiles. Basically, most grout is simply cement which has been colored.

Before and after shot of cleaned kitchen floor tile

Texture of grout makes it more susceptible to collecting gunk

Grout texture will make it prone to collecting cleaning chemicals, dirt, food, etc. And to make matters worse, the grout also is porous. Porous materials absorb liquids. If the liquid is clear, such as water, the grout is going to dry to precisely the same color it was before. But, if the liquid is dark such as kool-aid, red wine, tea, or coffee, the grout may stain permanently. The longer a liquid sits on the grout the deeper it’ll penetrate inside the grout.

Tile & Grout Cleaning in Kokomo, IN

King’s Cleaning Solution easily can correct embedded grease, dirt, cleaning residue, and food, yet stains may be next to impossible to remove.

Within the instance that our restoration process does not have the ability to extract the stains and color inconsistencies inside the grout, we might have the ability to apply a colored sealant to the grout which will make it appear like new. Also, the grout is going to be protected from future stains!

The Process of Tile and Grout Cleaning in Kokomo, IN

Pre-Inspection: Our technicians are going to note all challenging spaces and establish your expectations and devise an option for every area.

Preparation of Area: We’ll prepare the spaces that surround your tile, ensuring that we not disturb any hardwood or carpeted flooring. During this time, all movable furniture pieces are going to be moved before cleaning.

Removal of dry soil: The technicians fully vacuum the whole area, and maximize the outcome we obtain. Like any process of cleaning, dry soil extraction includes the most critical.

Soil Suspension: We’ll use the highest-quality of products. The cleaning option that is sprayed over the whole tile surface is the most scientifically-advanced cleaner in the marketplace.

Cleaning: Difficult and complex spaces are manually agitated using a brush, as well as for extremely challenging heavy-usage spaces, a mechanical rotating brush will be used. Then, the whole floor is cleaned with a self-contained, state-of-the-art system of pressure cleaning.

Rinse: A rinsing agent is pumped through a machine while sanitizing, cleaning, and balancing your floor’s pH level.

Finishing/Sealing: The kind of application and sealer varies upon what surface it’s becoming applied to.

Post-inspection: Our technicians are going to initiate a stroll-through and discuss results before we leave.

Ceramic tile is one the most overlooked and abused wall and floor surfaces in a home merely because of the care that’s involved in cleaning it. Nobody wants to relive those awful memories of washing each and every tile and grout line using a tiny brush, and of using those unsafe, harsh, and irritating chemicals.

Here is the positive news: King’s Cleaning Solutions may make brief work of this job, only using eco-friendly products which will not harm the environment, your animals, or your family members.

King’s Cleaning Solutions skillfully achieves the correct ceramic tile cleaning. Whether the tile is inside the bathroom, kitchen, or another area of the house, that stubborn soil and those stains do not stand a chance. Your grout and tile will appear much as it did the very day it was put in.

At King’s Cleaning Solutions, we’re committed to assisting you in keeping your house clean, healthy, and always appearing its best. The solution to challenging ceramic grout and tile cleaning is simply a call away.

You can trust King’s Cleaning Solutions for all of those unpopular and difficult projects. You’ll really be glad that you did.

A deep clean of your tile and grout may boost the co-efficient of friction by around 35 percent. It’ll decrease the threat of slips and falls for your guests by boosting traction. Revive your grout, tile, and additional hard surfaces to a like-new shape with King’s Cleaning Solution’s tile and grout service.

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